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    Ziplocal grows client visibility through print and digital media solutions.
    For local businesses across the USA who need customers to find them no matter how they’re searching, Ziplocal is the holistic, end-to-end advertising platform that delivers results. Unlike online search engines or traditional print directories, Ziplocal provides local search information across the United States in all the ways customers work – online, mobile, print and more – and in local markets. Ziplocal offers digital solutions to small to medium sized business such as Websites, Videos, Reputation Management and print yellow pages. Ziplocal also provides advertising experts to help local businesses most effectively allocate their marketing dollars and drive leads. Local search is what Ziplocal is all about. Whether it is online, mobile or print, Ziplocal gives its customers the ability to be found by users looking locally.
    Ziplocal has undergone its fair share of evolution throughout the years— yet its history is unlike many modern digital leaders, with deep roots in traditional advertising. The Provo, Utah-based company was originally started back in 1971 as Phone Directories Company (PDC), providing traditional yellow page advertising solutions for local businesses through an extensive network of local phone directories. After several years of growth and several changes in ownership, the company rebranded itself as Ziplocal in 2010. With the rebranding of the company and restructuring of company leadership, Ziplocal expanded their product offerings beyond print and yellow pages advertising solu